$ 29.99

Retirement is Sweet!

We salute those that have served this country for their entire career.  We created this special design to honor those men and women that sacrificed so much for so long.  This mug displays the American flag in the middle of the mug, with the name and rank of the retiree at the top and their branch of service and dates of service at the bottom in our bold condensed font.

If you'd like to engrave additional text on the second side of the mug, we have five fonts from which to choose. Examples of each are shown. Please double check spelling—we will engrave what you type. We can engrave up to two lines, 20 characters each, including spaces.

We're working to get permission to engrave the official service logos on our mugs. Until then, show your pride with the American flag.

If you have an order of multiple mugs or if you would like to request truly customized mugs, contact us directly for a more personal experience. 

Depending on the size of your order, engraving can take 3-5 business days plus shipping time. Custom orders of 10+ mugs maybe take 5-7 business days or longer plus ship time. 

Please wash your new mug with warm, soapy water before using.   


0300 1 MEF 101st 101st airborne 101st airborne division 10th Marine Regiment 10th Marines 11th Marine Regimtn 11th Marines 12th Marines 173rd airborne 1st Battalion 1st Battalion 10th Marines 1st Battalion 11th Marines 1st Battalion 12th Marines 1st Battalion 1st Marines 1st Battalion 23rd Marines 1st Battalion 2nd Marines 1st Battalion 3rd Marines 1st Battalion 4th Marines 1st Battalion 5th Marines 1st Battalion 6th Marines 1st Battalion 7th Marines 1st Battalion 8th Marines 1st Battalion 9th Marines 1st Combat Engineer Battalion 1st force recon 1st force reconnaissance company 1st LAR 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion 1st Marine Division 1st Marine Regiment 1st Marines 1st Recon Battalion 1st Reconnaissance Battalion 1st Recruit Training Battalion 1st RTB 1st Tank Battalion 2 Marine Regiment 23rd Marines 24th Marines 24th MEU 25th Marines 2nd assault Amphibian Battalion 2nd Battalion 2nd Battalion 11th Marines 2nd Battalion 1st Marines 2nd Battalion 23rd Marines 2nd Battalion 24th Marines 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines 2nd Battalion 4th Marines 2nd Battalion 5th Marines 2nd Battalion 6th Marines 2nd Battalion 7th Marines 2nd Battalion 8th Marines 2nd Battalion 9th Marines 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion 2nd LAR 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion 2nd Marine Division 2nd marine expeditionary brigade 2nd Marine Regiment 2nd Marines 2nd meb 2nd Recon 2nd Recon Battalion 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion 2nd Recruit Training Battalion 2nd RTB 2nd Tank Battalion 3rd Assault Amphibious Battalion 3rd Battalion 3rd battalion 10th marines 3rd Battalion 11th Marines 3rd Battalion 12th Marines 3rd Battalion 1st Marines 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines 3rd Battalion 25th Marines 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines 3rd Battalion 4th Marines 3rd Battalion 5th Marines 3rd Battalion 6th Marines 3rd Battalion 7th Marines 3rd Battalion 8th Marines 3rd Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion 3rd LAR 3rd light armored reconnaissance battalion 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing 3rd Marine Division 3rd Marines 3rd MAW 3rd Recon 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion 3rd Recruit Training Battalion 3rd RTB 4th Combat Engineer Battalion 4th LAR 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion 4th Marines 4th Recon 4th Reconnaissance Battalion 4th Recruit Training Battalion 5th battalion 5th battalion 10th marines 5th battalion 11th marines 5th Marine Regiment 5th Marines 6th Marine Regiment 6th Marines 75th Ranger 75th Ranger Regiment 7th Marine Regiment 7th Marines 82 Airborne 82nd 82nd Airborne 82nd Airborne Division 8th Engineer Support Battalion 8th Marine Regiment 8th Marines 8th Tank Battalion 8th Tanks 9th Marines AH-1W AH-1Z Air Force Air Wing America America's Battalion American Flag amphibious amtraks an nasiriyah Anchor ANGLICO army army gift army gifts Army Ranger Army Special Forces artillery Balls of the Corps Bats bear Birthday Boating boats brewing Camp Pendleton camping CH-53E Coast Guard coffe mug coffee Coffee Mug Cold Beer Combat Engineers continental army corporate Craft Beer Custom custom beer mug Dad Darkhorse Describe Dad Double Walled ega Engineers Engraved Engraving F/A-18D Hornets Fighting Third First of the First Fortune Favors the Brave Freedom Isn't Free Gift gifts Military Military Gift military gifts Navy united states united states army United States Marine Corps us army us army gift us army gifts USMC USMC 8th Tank Battalion

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