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2nd Recruit Training Battalion

In August 1940, the Marine Corps initiated the battalion training system to expedite the processing of recruits. The 2nd Recruit Training Battalion (2nd RTB) was commissioned Aug. 7, 1940, and became an active command on Sept. 12, 1940. When the armed forces were integrated in 1949, 2nd RTBn. was the first battalion to train black recruits. In September of that year, black recruits were integrated into regular platoons.

The 2nd Recruit Training Battalion has seen some notable Marines serve in its ranks including former Sergeants Major of the Marine Corps. Sgt. Maj. David Sommers was a drill instructor in 2nd RTBn. from 1967 to 1969, and Sgt. Maj. Lewis G. Lee served as the battalion sergeant major from December 1985 to June 1988.

Within 2nd RTBn., there are four companies: Echo, Fox, Golf and Hotel. Each company contains an average of six platoons with 60 to 80 recruits per platoon. 

We'll engrave the battalion graphic on one side of the mug. You have the option to add the American Flag, the same battalion graphic, or custom text to the second side for an additional $5.

We're working to get permission to engrave the Marine Corps logo and EGA on our mugs. As soon as the paperwork goes through, we'll offer those graphics as well.

If you have an order of multiple mugs or if you would like to request truly customized mugs, contact us directly for a more personal experience. 

Choice of finishes: mirror or brushed

(Brushed finish is recommended for best results with engraving.) 

Depending on the size of your order, engraving can take 3-5 business days plus shipping time. Custom orders of 10+ mugs maybe take 5-7 business days or longer plus ship time. 

Please wash your new mug with warm, soapy water before using. 

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