File Types
Ideally we would like to work with black and white vector graphics. Vector is typically Illustrator, EPS, or vector-based PDF files. Vector is made of points, not pixels, and never loses resolution. This type of file yields the best engraving result. 

If your artwork is not vector, we can also take high res JPG or TIFF images. 

Size and Resolution
Our minimum resolution is 300 dpi at the finished size. We can engrave up to 3.5” wide by 4” high on either side of the mug. We cannot print logos and art saved from the internet, which is usually low resolution. It will be tiny and not engrave well.

Please send files in RGB colorspace. Our engraving process is a thermal bond between a primer and our laser engraver. The result is a black image with stainless showing through where there would be white. Shades of gray can work as long as there is good contrast between them and the shade of gray next to them (30% difference or higher). If you are preparing art for engraving, we prefer images that are already set up in black. Unfortunately, we cannot engrave in color.

We’ve found that photos do not engrave well on the mugs. Since it’s a black/white process, details get lost and the image would need to be simple with good contrast to work. We try not to engrave images if possible because the results are not something we can guarantee.

Please only submit text, graphics, logos, or icons that you own or have permission to use. If you are unsure if you have permission to use a graphic, contact us to inquire about the image you are hoping to engrave. Typically we cannot engrave trademarked logos unless you have written permission for us to do so.

Help with Artwork
If we need to work on or create your design, there is a $25-$50 art fee, depending on the amount of work needed. Edits after that are charged at a rate of $30/hour. We can provide a quote up front once we see your art or understand your vision.

Depending on the size of your order, engraving can take 3-5 business days plus shipping time. Custom orders of 10+ mugs maybe take 5-7 business days or longer plus ship time.

If you are unsure about how to prepare artwork, what type of file to send, or if you have permission to use a graphic, contact us directly and we'll help as best we can.