Man Mug is veteran-owned company based in Southern California. Our philosophy is that life is short and it's about enjoying moments with people who are important to you. Man Mug fits into those moments in so many ways—morning coffee, a backyard barbecue with friends and family, tailgating at the big game, weddings, company events, and more. We love the idea that your mug can be part of a toast or given as a gift: it plays a role in life memories.

Why is Man Mug so great?
  • Keeps beer or other beverages colder longer
  • A cushion of air between two stainless steel walls insulates the mug. The outside stays room temperature while your drink stays chilled.
  • Won't leave a metal taste in your beverage
  • Freezer-ready and dishwasher safe (if your mug has been engraved, we recommend you hand-wash it)
  • Great for hot drinks, too
  • Sturdy handle

We started Man Mug to follow a passion and to have the blessing of doing something we love. We hope you will enjoy your mug for a long time. We'd love to see photos of your mug in use! Share your images via Instagram by tagging them with #manmug.