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The Man Mug is a 16.9-ounce beer mug designed to hold a pint of beer with room for a thick, foamy head. The mug has a layer of sealed air between two walls to act as insulation, keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The outside stays room temperature and will not sweat. No need for a coaster!

It's made of attractive kitchen grade stainless steel and won't leave a metal taste in your beverage. 

The mug is easy to clean. It's safe to put in the dishwasher and is freezer-ready, although freezing isn't necessary to keep drinks cold, it just gives them a frosty jump start. 

Superb for icy cold or piping hot drinks: coffee in the morning, beer or cocktails in the evening.

It also makes a great gift or an excellent way to stock your home kitchen or bar.

Please wash your new mug with warm, soapy water before using. 


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