Opus Coffee

Bradley Houshour

Custom Mugs for Opus Coffee

custom_mugs_Opus-CoffeeWe were thrilled to get a call from Opus Coffee to engrave custom mugs for their burgeoning stores.  Opus Coffee started in Gainesville, FL in 2003.  They currently have four stores with 35 employees and are steadily growing.  A quick look on their website tells you that they pulled over 265,000 shots of espresso and brewed over 27,000 gallons of coffee.  That's enough liquid to fill two standard sized swimming pools!

We engraved their logo on one side of our stainless steel mugs.  Black logos on our brushed metal finish always look the best and these were no exception.  All of our mugs come with a free travel lid making them the best coffee mugs to personalize.

We have no doubt that Opus Coffee customers are enjoying their favorite coffee in a mug that keeps their Joe hot for hours.


Check out their Instagram or Facebook page to see what they're up to now.

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